Local Furniture Drive LOVE SEAT DAY!

Love Seat Day


Our neighborhood furniture drive program.  A volunteer coordinator serves as a point of contact and helps coordinate promotion and pick-up.  Door hangers announce the event two weeks in advance and neighborhood volunteers work with Love Seat staff to collect on "Love Seat Day". We need help with these projects so let us know if you are interested in helping or having your a furniture drive in your area

Email tullyd@lovecolumbiamo.org for more info.

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1. Select the Date.


Let us know if you'd like to do a local furniture drive and work with us to set the date that works with us and you. 

2. Contact the Area

Modular Homes

We knock on doors, call and use door hangers to notify the neighborhood of an upcoming furniture drive. 

3. Collection Day

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We send our vans with volunteers to pick up furniture from the area on the appointed date.